Saturday 28 June 2008

Best Plot

A full Saturday, for all of us. For Dad the main event is the Summer Barbeque up at the allotments and the vote counting and prize giving for the "best plot" competition. Dad's lot have done this entirely democratically, with every tenant and member of the waiting list allowed to put in a voting slip for their first, second and third preferences.

On the day, Pauline wins (Yea Pauline - free rent for 2009!), with Tim 2nd and Derek 3rd - we know all these people and they regularly make a fuss of us as we walk through the site, so we're happy for them. Well done all three - it was a tough call with lots of good allotments to choose from. The best three now go forward to the town-wide competition, up against the best three from each of the town's other sites, to be judged by the "In-Bloom" judges as part of their tour.

Meanwhile at home, Mum is hosting a summer lunch and pink wine spree for a gang from her work, as part of a farewell to one of their number, moving to St Ives in Cambridgeshire. The lady who is moving is famous for a silly story in which she was here, and rather tiddly once, with her 2 year old son who was rapidly learning new words and expressions. Dad, mischievously, taught him to say "Mummy's Trolleyed", which he picked up with scary alacrity, and now remembers it and trots it out whenever Mummy reaches for the wine.

He'd be on great form tonight - the house is full of drunken women - though the lad himself is not here to pass comment! The pink wine has obviously been a-flowing freely. Mind you, Dad may also have had a couple of bottles of Shep's rather nice "Goldings" beer.

Every-one's trolleyed

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Tim Hopper said...

Hi Deefer!

Do please give my thanks to your dad who made my 'master' very happy indeed by announcing that he came second in the allotment association's inaugural 'Best Plot' competition!

Hoping that all your 'walkies' this coming week are long'uns!

Best Regards,
Huggy born Shaggy :o)x