Sunday 10 January 2010

Bit of a Thaw

Our part of Kent has a bit of a thaw. We wake up to the drip drip of meltwater everywhere, and great blobby lumps of wet snow falling from trees and bushes. The dodgy bit of guttering above the side-gate of the house dumps a continuous stream of water down the back of the neck of any human or dog foolish enough to tarry while unbolting the gate. Dad had developed a strange contortion whereby he can stand out of range of the stream, double-jointing his right arm into bolt-pulling position while holding 2 dog leads clear of the cold water.

The 6 inch white blanket slides off the bonnet of Clara Bow unbidden, and inspires Dad to fire up the old girl and take her for a dry-out blat. At 60 mph he pats the canvas roof upwards with the palm of his hand, unleashing the roof's 6 inches of snow onto any following traffic. She now sits on the drive with her exhaust pinging as it cools back down, and steam curling gently off her bonnet from the warmth of the engine, but at least you can see she's been driven - snow free top, and tyre marks where she's come and gone.

No word yet from Mum who's attending to a family emergency in Ireland - we hope all's well with the Silverwoods and the Steak Lady and co (plus the rest of the family, who don't generally get covered by this blog, being non-dog folk whom I have never met). Pud Lady reports that Hastings is having similar weather to here but being a hilly town, is getting far less well served by gritters and ploughs.

Up where they live, on the hill by the "Pilot Field" (Hastings Town footie ground) no busses are running, there are still abandoned cars everywhere and only 4x4's are getting about. Just as well Dad's brother T-Fer has just invested in a big silver "Warrior".

Keep safe, dry and warm (and that includes young Mr "M" Silverwood who has urges to rush outside without a coat on and make snow angels)


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Em-J Silverwood said...

Little M just found a mostly-empty box of hot chocolate powder and ate the last bit saying ''That'll keep me warm''.
J is sitting next to me eating cheese-on-toast which really is warm. See you soon Deefski.