Wednesday 27 April 2011

Do I come here often?

Haggis gives Mum and Dad a bit of scare by coming over all trembly again, being obviously uncomfortable and restless, and doing his groan and grumble thing every time he moves so Mum, who has these days between the long weekends off, whizzes him round to the John the Vet. He's also been very vacant lately, quite often forgetting where he is, forgetting to follow Dad when they're out walking, forgetting to come back indoors when he's been let out for a wee - Mum or Dad eventually go looking for him and find him at some random place in the garden sitting or lying down, looking about him with what they've come to call his "Do I come here often?" look.

All clear from the Vet though - John thought he had detected some enlargement in the liver so did a blood test for all sorts including Cushings (which is what afflicted the late Megan) but all the bloods came back normal. All major organs were also OK, so Vet John pronounced him justb tremoring occasionally and off his food and forgetful just because he's old.

Amusingly, Mum also told John, who's Irish (but we didn't know what part) about Project Erroll and it turns out he's from Co. Offaly (Tullamore) so they had a good chat about that.

Tonight, Mum and Dad are off to the Hort Soc to present a quiz between our town and the village of Stockbury - this has been running home and away legs for about 30 years. It's all good fun, with plenty of amusing questions rather than serious dry dusty-fusty stuff.

Go Faversham!
(oops - sorry, meant to be impartial!)

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Mr Silverwood said...

It really is a small world, either that or the bloody Irish get everywhere....