Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bathroom floor

With he new concrete floors downstairs now giving us a good base on which to work we can attach the next level, the joists of the kitchen ceiling and bathroom floor.These are generally OK but do need some doubling up and strengthening in a couple and they are all, anyway, getting woodworm treatment. Sparks has ripped up the floor boards while we have been away and, by Friday, he's at the stage of needing a hand doing the repairs and laying the new floor. The floor is plywood boards rather than proper floor boards, because it is going to be tiled.

The main weapon for this is Sparks's compressed gas nail gun, a wicked looking device capable of firing a 4 inch nail 4 inches (or more!) into solid wood in one hit. It makes quite a bang. He actually has a more powerful one for firing pins into stonework and metal, but that one stayed in its box. Poor old Sparks was actually suffering badly with a cold by Friday, so he was pleased to be able to finish this job, tidy up, and head for home in Dublin. His son Brian is also suffering with the same cold, so the two of them were going to do "Man-Flu suffering and martyrdom together and make life merry hell for Mrs Sparks. We gather from Facebook that they managed it!


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