Saturday 14 July 2018

Coronary Care (1)

 A quick change of pace here since the previous post. I am typing this using our laptop in the Coronary Care Ward of Sligo Hospital under the TLC of all the wonderful staff here who are trying to cure me of a savage attack of pneumonia. Just in case there are friends/rels who just want to know what's wrong with me and the latest medical stuff, I will do this a a series of 3, ever more waffly posts. This will also assure me that this "guest" broadband will allow me to type chunks in without blowing me out.

So I have pneumonia, which had been allowed to build up and get well established by mid June when it suddenly stopped me breathing for anything other than standing, sitting or very short, 20 yd walks. We went via the local GP system, got seen by Sligo Hospital back in June, back to the GP and then finally back here, referred in a bit of a hurry "You are VERY sick", on Monday evening. I am now on Day 6 of the team here trying to give me my lungs back. I am recovering but not very fast.

Meanwhile, because this was an unusual case which did not tick ALL the usual pneumonia boxes, I have also been thoroughly investigated in the heart dept and have been found to have a small prolapse in my "mitral" valve (big powerful valve between left auricle and ventricle. Discussions continue as to whether the prolapse needs fixing sooner/later and how much it had to do with the pneumonia. If it does need fixing, this will probably mean heart surgery and a replacement (mechanical) valve.

There you have it for now.

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