Saturday 9 August 2008

Lamb Chops

On the day of H's birthday, Mum and Dad desert us for a (Dad) works meal at the Olive Tree in Rainham ( We reccomend this place for its delicious food in huge quantities. This is very good for us dogs (we almost don't mind getting deserted), because they are also happy to create "doggie bags" with your left over meat. One little sparrow, name of Sue, thinking she can't cope with a bulky pasta dish, orders what she thinks will be a small lamb cutlet and a few small diced roasties.

The look on her face when this enormous trencher turned up with half a sheep on top of an alpine range of spuds, had to be seen to be believed. Fair play to Sue though - she attacked it with best endeavours and managed most of one of the cutlets, all the veg, and a few spuds. At clear up time there was a suggestion of doggie bags but the prevailing wind said "Naaah... don't worry" (Typical Brits - too embarrassed, don't want to make any trouble.)

Step forward complete non-dog lover Ebonie - "You (Dad) should take it home for Haggis - it's his Birthday" ! Anyone who knows 'Ebs' will know how amazing this is. Taken aback, they all agreed, waitress was despatched to find tin foil, and Dad whipped out a bag from back pocket.

Happy dogs greeted Dad on his return with extra enthusiasm that night!

Happy Birthday "H"


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