Friday, 6 March 2009

A "Delicate Flower"

Those of a sensitive disposition or anyone about to eat supper, please avoid this posting!

For all that I am known to be a feisty so-and-so, very full of my own opinions and importance, Mum and Dad are exasperated with my guts seeming to be sooooo sensitive to anything other than straight tinned (Butchers Tripe meatloaf) dog food.

Unpredictably, I will suddenly go right off my food, ignoring bowls of the normal food, and toying with the dried-meat dog-sweets (they get called "sweeties" in this house) that I normally take the humans fingers off to get at. This reluctance is followed by a few bowels-turned-to-water motions (just dark liquid and grass!). 24 hours later I'm back, sorted and ravenous.

Megan and Haggis are, by comparison, tough as old boots, and seem to be able to eat anything, so the family dog menu has always included raw pork ribs for treats, or the spine cut out when spatch-cocking a raw chicken, any rabbit or hare bones (avoiding the long limb bones), and even at times chicken bone-ends - the cartilege-y bits cut off the shafts with secateurs, plus of course any big-animal (sheep, cow) bones we can get from the butcher.

These episodes of poorly guts happen about every 2 months, and because they do not seem to follow a pattern, Mum and Dad have been a bit zealous in cutting out these extra foods, thinking that maybe it was that chicken? Maybe it was the ribs? Safer to not give anything. But because it's not fair to me to let M+H have them when I can't, all three of us have had to do without, and no end of potential dog-treats have gone in the bin.

Dad has now decided that I should become an experimental dog. He's had me "stabilised" on the Butchers tripe for a good while now, and he's going to gently re-introduce the extra's one by one, with "boring" gaps in between, to see if I get belly ache. This way "we" might be able to get back into treats for M+H without the squitty-bum effect on me. Of couse, I love the treats, so I'm up for this too.

I'll let you know how we get on. First up - one raw pork rib.....


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