Sunday, 15 March 2009

Shipwrights and Shipwrights

A beautiful blue skied warm Spring day. We get Dad up at 07:30 but we're in a kind of moochy mood, and none of us press Dad for a walk first thing. Very relaxing - leisurely breakfast and plenty of time to read the papers.

It's a volunteer day though, down at the barge, and Dad is wielding a paintbrush, painting the inside of the shipwrights' Apprentices Workshop. As well as restoring Cambria as a vessel, the Trust is using the opportunity to put half a dozen apprentices through a wooden-ships ship-wrighting apprentice-ship (probably too many "ships" in one sentence there....). It's an important part of getting your Lottery grant, the Education side.

There is talk of us then being able to link up with 2CV Llew on a mission out to Blean, to sort the electrics on Mademoiselle, which is good for us because Llew just might be round at his caravan near the Shipwrights pub, which means we get a nice walk along the creek bank looking at the boats coming and going and meeting a very smart pair of dachshunds - very glossy!

The Mmle plan, though, comes to nought. Llew can not be found and isn't answering his phone, so we head home. There's then another walk for H and me, over to Diamond's where-at Mum has been helping to wrestle the late lamented Denis's garden back from the brink of becoming an overgrown wilderness. The ladies have been working hard in the warm sun, and are all but collapsing by the time we arrive.

Chill out, you humans
Dogs know how to do these warm weekends.........


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