Sunday, 24 May 2009

Pigs' Trotters

Someone at Dad's work swears by giving their dogs raw pigs' trotters in lieu of bones, so spotting some at the "Goods Shed" most excellent farm shop in Canterbury (see also ) Dad bought us one each.

To be honest we were none of us that impressed. I buried mine staright away in the greenhouse (never a good idea as mean old Dad tends to keep watch, suss me, un-bury the stash, and take it off me on the basis that I'll leave it rot a few days and then bring in back indoors all maggotty and skank-some). The H and Meggie gave theirs a brief desultory chew on the cartilege-y end and then abandonned them, so they were also retrieved by Dad.

Being a Dublin city-centre gal, Mum has had them before well boiled down and/or roasted as a gelatinous, soft "delicacy" (in the jellied eels, pie and mash tradition), so she is going to boil them for us and try them again.

My other pics here are just for a bit of fun. We loved the colours on the poppy one and if you look carefully you can just see a bee flying in over the top of the flower. top centre of the picture. The sparrows too, were a bit of fun - just as Dad was about to pull the trigger, a third sparrow tried to fly in and land on their feeder ports, and both these boys look like they're saying "Oy! Find yer own feeder!"

Lovely sunny warm weekend.


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Mr Silverwood said...

I'm with you on the trotters Deefer, hope you are enjoying the warm weather.