Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A Truth, Universally Acknowledged....

.... that some of the best cooking is stuff that a) comes from the bottom of the fridge and b) can never be repeated because nobody ever writes down the recipe and you'd never have the same stuff in the bottom of the fridge next time.

Furthermore, as Mum learned from the aged Grand-ma ("Nanie") while au-pairing near Toulouse in her yoof, consoled when an early cookery effort (chocolate cake, we think) came out looking like road-kill, "Ah well, if the ingredients were good, then it doesn't matter that it looks like s*** (this is a loose but fairly accurate translation), it will still taste gorgeous". I have visions of Nanie, Mum and the French children scraping the bowl clean, and blow the look of the final product.

So it was with Dad's supper effort tonight, a tortilla espagnol, which broke up on impact. The humans ate it anyway, and we can vouch for the following ingredients, because we got to lick the plates and bowls - good free-range eggs, garlic, red onions, parsnips, salad potatoes peppers, dried sausage from La Chapelle d'Armentieres, Dutchman Tom's genuine Dutch Gouda cheese and good olive oil. Yummy.

Meanwhile, Allotments supremo and one-girl Human Dynamo Sandra, tells us that the bee man has finally arrived at the allotment with "our" swarm and hive, so we'll probably go check that out tomorrow.

Look after yourselves


Mr Silverwood said...

I have to agree with you on that score, the best food very often does come from just putting together what you have laying around

EmJSilverwood said...

I like Mr Silverwoods point of veiw do it myself if I could.