Friday, 5 June 2009

"Reversing Blackbird" and "Stupid Spug"

You'll be familiar with those audible warnings on HGVs telling you the vehicle is reversing. One popular one round here has a rising and falling sequence of trills, which a dog can best describe as "Doodle-eep, doodle-oop, doodle-eep... etc" (You'll know exactly what I mean if you've heard them, and probably be completely baffled if you haven't).

Well, round here, where the garden story is all about birds and baby birds fledging, flying schools and inexperienced fluffy youngsters, but one regular appearing throughout is a blackbird who sings from a big Leylandii several gardens up, and intersperses his song with a perfect imitation of the doodle-eep, doole-oop noises. Mum has Christened him the "Reversing blackbird"

One of the various baby sparrows around here, newly fledged, amazes and amuses us with his/her attempts to get to the feeding ports on the seed-feeders. Landing on the very top of the pole in a reasonably professional manner, she then gets down to the port in a not-very-well-controlled plummet, falling down to the top of the feeder, and then from there falling down to the port. She has become known as "Stupid Spug"

We spend hours in fascinated viewing of the antics of these dudes.

Meanwhile, we suspect that another narrow-boating trip may be imminent. A load of paperwork has arrived from Shire Cruisers, the company we have used up to now

We suspect packing activity may follow, and one of Mum's Lists will shortly appear.

Have a great weekend
Deefski, all wet and tired out from running and running and running and running in the Rec tonight with good friend "Smudge"

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Mr Silverwood and Emj Silverwood said...

Not long now....... All looking forward to it over here