Monday, 29 June 2009

Socks and a Ukulele

2 more pics from the 2CV camp. A couple of the campers who we know well, and who turn up with Collie brother and sister, Ben and Nellie (14) have lately got keen on playing the Ukulele.

The guy in particular has bought several on Flea-Bay and "done them up" with amusing paint-jobs etc (One was in two-tone and covered in pics of ska bands and stuff). He is also a bit of a genius woodworker and , being also mad keen on the old corrugated steel Citroen vans called "H" vans, has even made a Uke whose body is the same shape as an H van grille. I will dig out an H van pic so you can see (just imagine a corrugated iron shed on wheels).

This one has several amusing and imaginative features - the number plate says "Uke", the paint work has been deliverately "distressed" at the bottom and on the neck, the sound-holes are the Citroen chevrons, and inside is a fake sticker saying "Made by Citroen USA in 1958". The coffee mug in the pic is also H-van inspired, as within Dad's club there is an un-official spoof sub-group called "Scum" (Societe Citroen Utilite Moteurs) - or some such.

The next pic is another dog we know well from many many camps - "Socks" who appears with Mick and his good lady Charlie. Socks belongs to Charlie and here she (Charlie) is caught facing the wrong way in their H-Van driving seat and trying to screw her head round to see who is calling her through the window (It's Dad). Disorganised ears or what?


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Me Silverwood said...

I like the Ukelele.