Thursday 24 June 2010

Em-J goes sailing

We're excited to learn via a comment from Mr Silverwood, that Em-J has now taken up sailing too, possibly inspired by all these tales of water-bourne adventures from Mum, Dad, 2CV Llew and Derek. Tantalisingly few details at this stage - come on Mr S; Dad's been out in "Lark" class dinghies but there's all sorts - "Mirrors", "Optimists", GP14's etc etc, so we need to know what manner of tub the beginners are let loose in!
Also, tell us more. Lough Derg? That's on the Shannon, right? Was it a school trip? How many went? How did she get on? Was she allowed out single handed? Is she now sold on sailoring?
Here's a pic, just for a taster of a bit-bigger-than-a-dinghy, boat - the "Bonzer", our 30-footer from last Friday. Maybe Em-J will come out as 4th-hand?
Meanwhile, we're all off on our own adventure today, so we'll tell you all about that when we get back. Look after yourselves.

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Mr Silverwood said...

It was a school trip, all be it a very cool school trip, here is the link to the website to check it out:

There was about 3 or 4 to a boat and Em-J was at the helm, she will have to give you more details but she was full of excitment about it, really had a great time, also had her last day of Primary school yesterday (JM still has to go until Wednesday next week) so she is feeling all grown up, she went back in today to help with a book sale and was left in charge of the 1 class as the teacher had to nip out, she was delighted with herself, she can fill you in with all the details herself when you see her soon