Sunday 6 June 2010

My 800th Post!

This is a pic of Haggis anointing the new red oxide paint on Cambria's leeboard. You can see from the splash of wee that he's actually re-claiming it for Westie-dom after it's already been pee'd on by boat yard dog (and chum) "Harry", a big old collie cross who is taller than H so can spray farther and wider. H's legs are only 6 inches and the leeboard is about 9 inches off the ground, so H's effort misses completely and goes underneath.

Daimond, John and Northern family friend of Diamond, Joan descend upon us this afternoon for a bit of roast pork lunch. They bring Rags down so that Dad can give him a bit of tidy up round his bits with scissors, and make his "aft" end a bit more fragrant. Rags is happy to oblige but counteracts any attempt to make him clean by diving into the fish pond.

This is very normal for Rags and he loves to emerge looking thoroughly disreputable, his beard and Denis Healey eyebrows turned into sodden rats tails, and his fur liberally speckled with green duckweed. Only a Mother could love him.

I don't, of course and spend the whole visit glaring at him balefully from as near as I can get to Dad's lap, growling when he gets too close, and yapping at him single piercing yaps if he forgets. It makes for a lovely, bucolic, peaceful, tranquil rural scene.

Taxi for Ragworth!

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Mr Silverwood said...

Congrats on the 800th post, those paws must be worn to the quick with all that typing...