Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Good Blaze

A couple more pics from the last weekend, one of a good loggy blaze going in the recycled LPG tank burner cum brazier we use as a patio heater at the caravan and the 2nd of Haggis doing artistic at the Firehills. By the way we now think we've changed the email address within this blog, so all you commenters who used to send me replies, may be able to re-start that and they should arrive here instead of hitting the ends of the cable running to the old address and fizzling out.

So we are temporarity back in Hastings, at Pud Lady's establishment and back in the now familiar routine of only being allowed out in the garden on a lead in case i take off through one of the many badger holes, walks in the Archery Fields nor farther afield and of Dad playing Scrabble with Pud Lady. Honours are still even in that, even after 26 games - 13 and a half to Dad, 12 and a half to Pud Lady but almost certain to catch up at the next game.

In house-move land we are now through all our legal mallarky and we have got to the stage of having to transfer money across to the Irish solicitors, which Dad accomplished yesterday, and we await something called a "Contract of Sale" through the post, probably today.

It's all go.


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