Tuesday, 25 October 2011

St Helen's Woods

A couple more pictures from our walks down Dad's Memory Lane, this time in Saint Helen's Woods. Within easy walking distance of Pud Lady's and also very adjacent to Dad's senior school, these woods were frequent haunts and used for rough-treating ordinary street push-bikes (this before the days of mountain bikes), climbing trees, damming streams, playing dens and games of "Commandos" etc. You can imagine a gang of then about ten similar age 'Herberts' let loose to get covered in mud, tree stains, leaves, twigs and other bits of forest and make sure you're back for about 5 - Tom! You're the oldest, don't lose any of them!

This is now a nature reserve and is squirrel heaven so I run and run and run, pretty much picking up one squirrel as the previous one escapes me up a tree,so I am in continuous hot pursuit, while the H toddles along behind Dad for the hour. That's enough exercise for him. He needs a lie-down after that. The other favourite dog walk down here is the Firehills, which I have already mentioned; the rabbit-grazed sandy cliffs and gorse thickets down by the coast at Fairlight, just east of Hastings.

Other than that we are just jogging along, killing time as we get through October (and in Mum's case, also November). Everything we can do about speeding the house onward is done, we just have to patiently wait while the legal cogs slowly turn. Mind you, yesterday a month's rain seems to have fallen on Ireland in 24 hours causing plenty of flooding, certainly in areas like Dublin, so Dad has sent a mild email to our estate agent asking him to check "we've" not been washed away. We also await the money transfer for the conveyancing fee which we've ordered. We need to post that off to the Irish solicitors.

Hum drum hum drum

Hope you Silverwoods didn't get flooded out!


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Mr Silverwood said...

Took me 4 and half hours to get home, N7 closed at Kingswood, then futher on river burst it's banks and ran down the motorway for about a mile or so going right across both carriageways and back again, then when i had got past all of that, cattle truck jackknifed and had cows running up and down the motorway.