Sunday 18 March 2012

Soft Shoe

At the tail end of last week the build passes a significant milestone, but not a normal 'we built something' one. Sparks (Project Manager) declares that there is now too much new and finished wood in the house (the stairs, the upstairs floorboards) that to continue clomping around in rigger boots would be to risk damage to the surfaces. The boys must, instead, wear trainers or, in Dad's case, flat soled desert boots. They buy a rubber mat for the front door to wipe away any grit from their boots when they come in and spend the first 2 hours of Monday having a massive 2-hour 'square away' clearing up tools, picking up offcuts of plaster board and sweeping up dust and rubbish. Sparks even re-arranges his tools and materials stack. It's like a different house.


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