Sunday 12 October 2008

Sorry for the gap

Sincere apologies to any regular readers, who may have been wondering where the blog had gone. No-one here was feeling like writing much around the funeral for poor old Denis, owner of Rags (Asbo) the Lakeland Terrier (?) and Dad to Diamond. Rest in Peace, Den - we'll all miss you and your "canny lass"s and "bloody lovely missus"s.

Once we were out of the habit, it always seemed easier to do something else than write blogs. Not that there hasn't been plenty going on. We have, for example, now officially declared Megan an "old git" and changed the day we do walks. She's got to the stage now where she'll only do about an hour (she is 13), and by the end of that she's definitely dragging and looking like she's not enjoying it.

So now we go out twice - once on a Meggie-sized slow bimble to the Rec or round the allotments so that she doesn't sieze up entirely, and everybody can do "what a dog's gotta do". Then later in the day. Mum distracts Meg with a fuss or a sweetie, while Dad, Haggis and I snick out the back and take off on a longer, faster, route-march type walk, more befitting of a young, healthy girl (and a 12-going-on-pup "young" man like Haggis)

Today's was to the Sportsman pub in Seasalter (near Whitstable), where you can join the sea wall or walk along the beach westward all the way to the nature reserve (Castle Coote?). You can (and we have in the past) walk all the way to Faversham this way although you have to come off the beach at the reserve and walk inland of the sea wall. Dad likes watching the marsh harriers here, and the avocets out on the Swale mudflats. Plus the occasional Thames barge out on a charter.

I guess now we've broken the writer's block, we'll be back in the writing routine again now, so more of this soon, but for now we stink of salt-marsh and need to dry out on the (Indian Summer) sun-warned terrace while the niff disperses.

Look after yourself

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