Tuesday 31 March 2009

Mary Jo

A couple of fun pics tonight - couldn't resist this one of Meggie's eyes peering at the telephoto. We have in the house a similar shot of a Westie who lived in, we think, Hawaii, in the days when Mum and Dad used to frequent a Yahoo Westie chat forum. It's been photo-shopped (or 10-year-ago equivalent) till it looks like a water-colour done with a large brush, and it's almost impressionistic. We have it framed.

Then a pic of Mum's chums, some mozzies, dancing around in the slanting evening sunshine, and seen against the dark of a honeysuckle growing up the fence. Poor old Mum is suffering at the moment having been bitten to death by one (or more) a couple of (warm) nights back. She must be very attractive and tasty to the mozzies - Dad has no such problems.

A sad day yesterday for Diamond and John (Rags's Mum and Dad) - they have lost at 97, John's old Mum, Mary Jo, and the funeral yesterday saw her laid to rest in the Cemetery where we often walk. So tonight we diverted over to pass by the grave and pay our respects. Well, Dad did - the cemetery to we dogs means only one thing - hot and cold running rabbits, so we were pulling every which way on the leads, while Dad tried to keep a semblance of "decorum in the forum" as he read the card(s) and the plaque.

Back through the Rec where we saw, at a distance, but didn't get to talk to, tiny black Patterdale Sue, from yesterday, but did get a good run around with my sister Ellie. Dad and Ellie's Mum now agree that we have become very similar in size, build, speed and boisterousness. We (Ellie and I) seem to have bulked up to the same degree. Mind you, she was, as always, whiter than white and splendidly groomed, while I go in for the lived in look. Go Ellie


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