Thursday 17 December 2009

Farewell to Meggie

Today we are sorry to bring you the sad news of the passing away of Megan. Uncomfortable and off her food for a few days now, Mum and Dad, fearing the worst, made an appointment at the vet's. The short version of the story is that her suffering was a result of acute kidney failure, so that the tough decision had to be made, and she was put to sleep tonight.
Dad was pleased that it was himself there and also pleased that the vet on duty was old friend and vet to Megan from the moment Mum and Dad brought her home as an 8 week old pup, John F. That was 13 years ago.
For those of you who have never been there it was a very dignified and gentle exit. She was up on the bench with Dad cradling her head and a vet nurse steadying her body. John shaved a small area of leg, readied the syringe, then drew back a small curl of blood, and pushed in the pink liquid. Megan never flinched or changed her expression at all, just carried on looking at Dad. In no more than 10 seconds, almost before the last of the syringe-full went in, she relaxed into Dad's and the nurse's hands.
Dad left the room to settle the bill, while the nurse out back wrapped Megan in a blanket, and then rather than bring her through the waiting room, walked round the side and met Dad outside. Dad carried the small bundle back to car and brought her home to Mum. We were allowed to sniff the bundle, but this was then laid to rest quickly in the orchard still in its blanket.
Mum and Dad hope that all their animals are granted such good, full and happy life and then as dignified and painless an end. You can't really do more for a friend and pet than that. Goodbye then the Megster - we will miss you a lot. I'm sure that all your many friends and admirers will wish you rest in peace.


Unknown said...

Thank you for loving Meggie so much for all these years and for giving her the very best life that she could have wished for. I am sure she knew and felt that love at all times, right to the end. Luv PamPam xx

Em-J Silverwood said...

I'm going to miss hearing about Megster,but at least she peacfully.

Em-J Silverwood.

Tim Hopper said...

Hi Deef's dad,

Sorry to hear about Meggie.

I really appreciate your candidness over her passing. I'm having to accept that 'Hugs' is on his way out (He's started having seizures, and the medication he's on means he's only able to walk with the aid of a sling). The new year will bring the end of an era for us both. I truly hope it's as peaceful as 'Megs' sounded.

Tim (Plot 61a)