Tuesday 10 August 2010

Closing the Box

We've not heard anything from those Silverwoods lately; we wonder whether they got the Narrow Boating pictures.
Really good progress on the Sailing Barge Cambria lately - as you can see the shipwrights have almost finished with the side planking; they've now worked their way right up to the "wale" (top-of-the-sides; painted white here) at the Starb'd bow (as we Mariners like to say.... the more apostrophes the better). What with that and the bottom finished, decks getting there and hatch "coamings" (boards forming the lip of each hatch) we almost have a complete hull (bashing the last planks on is called "closing the box" in the trade) and there are rumours of dates being fixed for a re-float.
I am thinking this will be done with great ceremony and invited guests after all this work and Grant Money (£1.4m !) with the press gathered and no doubt a few "Great and Good", even though the real relaunch will not happen till she is fitted out and rigged.
We go a nice walk tonight round the Cemetery and Rec, part way round which Dad trips in a pot-hole and lays his ankle right over. He managed not to swear but it was a close thing.
Look after yourself,

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Mr Silverwood said...

Hope your Dad is OK, sorry thought Mrs S had rang already, did get the pics thank-you very much, I will send over one of the little brats as consolation for not ringing......