Friday 3 September 2010

Sailing Widows again

On Thursday, Dad abandons us again, as he gets invited off for another evening's sailing with 2CV Llew and his mate Derek aboard the good ship Bonzer out of Oare Creek. Dad is delighted, not only at the sailing, but also at the fact that the Swale seems to be full of moored barges, as you can see from the pics, not only the SB Mirosa but also (new one on him) the SB Whippet.
The boys tell me they had a good run down the Swale westward (Dad can barely contain himself from using the sailorly expression 'west'rd' - these nautical types do love their apostrophes) and then came about and tacked back up the wind eastward.
Tonight I am in disgrace as, having been given a walk down through the boat yard via our new chums, Swedish 'Jan' and Jack Russell 'Dotty' ('Jan can be either soft J as in Yan or hard as in Jam, apprently) and having kept clean, I find some oily bright-pink stuff to roll in and end up not allowed indoors except on the lead and straight to the shower. I get shown off to the Angel B first in the absence of Mum, just so it is on record how pink I was! Now, of course, I'm silky, white and fragrant, which is no way for any self respecting Westie to be.
Have a good weekend

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Mr Silverwood said...

You should stand up for yourself, and say that you are a girl and girls like pink, J-M told you so....