Sunday 14 November 2010

New Shed

Here, for anyone who's interested , is the new "shed" Dad has been working towards, to the detriment of doggies for the last few months. Top pic is some brand new offices just waiting to be cluttered up by accountants and HR types. 2nd pic is one of the new chill chambers where Dad's lot will handle all the chilled range (meat, fish, ready meals, yogurts and dairy, salads etc). Finally a pic of the famous 2CV a-top the attached multi-story, looking across to the aforesaid offices. It's a 3-storey office block but 'starts' 2 storeys up already, on stilts, over some of the HGV loading banks. So now you know.
It's a rainy sploshy, miserable day but we think it's brightening around lunch time, so we set out on a walk around the boatyard and down to the creek. In fact it comes on to rain hard and it is a sorry collection of drowned rats who come back needing the attentions of dog-towels and a good coal fire.
All arm and dry now though.

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Mr Silverwood said...

Looking good, has the goods in started over there yet?