Saturday 8 January 2011

How do they do that?

I have taken to lying on the upstairs bedroom window sill, Queen of all I survey. I can look down across the garden, its paths and its currently leafless woody bits, and across to the boundary fences and into the territory of the Home for the Bewildered beyond the fence. I can also see into the Albertine rose and the honeysuckle which scramble all up the back of the house.
This means I can squeak like a loony whenever I see a likely prey animal in any of these locations, almost losing my mind as I try to decide whether to abandon my good viewpoint and chase downstairs and out or whether to stand on the window-sill twitching and squeaking. Here are a couple of pics of the newest 'likely prey animal', a ginger cat who has started coming round and whom I have, on this occasion, cornered in a tree while I stand on the one-time chicken house and suss out how to climb the beech tree. How do cats do that?
Dad's on weekend cover this weekend, so was gone this morning and returned via a nip to the barge to see how the volunteers are getting on but has now been back and chopped up the Christmas Tree and trimmed mightily the Albertine and honeysuckle on the back of the house. That was fun because there was a squirrel in it for part of the time, gradually running out of places to hide as Dad worked his way along the back of the house with the ladder, secateurs and shears. Eventually the squirrel bravely leapt to safety on the neighbour's conservatory and away. No mean leap, even for a squirrel
Have a good weekend

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Mr Silverwood said...

If you keep trying deefer, you will get one eventually.