Friday 24 August 2012

Irish Reg' for the 2CV

A landmark moment arrives as Dad finally gets hold of his Irish registration plates for the 2CV. Known as "Clara Bow" because of her C692BOW UK reg, we are not quite sure what to call her now! Dad picks up the plates as he is at our very helpful local garage in Ballaghaderreen and our friendly lady there, Helene enquires how it's all going. Dad tells her he is having the divvil and all job getting hold of a replacement windscreen from the UK due to our good friend 2CV Llew's fairly relaxed approach to getting the one he has onto a courier. Helene suggests she look locally on websites and through suppliers she knows, and (ta daaaa!) finds one (allegedly) available at a place called Sligo Windscreens. The garage will let Dad know the price, get hold of it, fit it, sort the ignition (Clara does not idle very well at present) and an indicator-repeater bulb and pre-NCT it for us. We might actually get her on the road! Dad celebrates by firing her up and taking her for a spin around the west field!

Meanwhile here is a nice picture of the Kindergarten, just because we have taken one. Left to right at nearly 3 months, are Poppy, Towser, Blue and Rolo.

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