Sunday 23 September 2012

Comments are Welcome

Just to let you know that we have just officially taken the plunge and moved this blog over to an Irish email address. Up to now it's been running with the old British Telecom address which, although we stopped paying for the service in October last year when we left the Whitstable Road address, is still up there and seems to be working. We now use a Google-Mail address for most things ( but, bizarrely, this domain name is not acceptable to, so we have been unable to "move". To Hell with all that, we said and today we signed up for an Eircom email address (we are paying Eircom for Broadband anyway) and tried that on Blogger and it was accepted.

Which if all that sort of thing goes flying over your head without touching a hair means, in short....

YOU CAN NOW COMMENT ON THIS BLOG and we will get the comments and, if appropriate, answer them. We would love to hear from you and to know that someone out there is paying attention and, hopefully, enjoying what we do here.

My site meter, incidentally, tells me we are now approaching 30,000 page views, so somebody must be in and looking.

Meanwhile, Thank you for your attention and support in the past.

Coo, don't I sound 'official'?
The Deefs.


mazyou said...

It's me - all those 30,000 views are me STALKING YOU.

Mr Silverwood said...

Oh, so you didn't get my last comments then.