Wednesday 23 January 2013

You can't make an Omelette...

I had a nice surprise this morning when waking up the live-stock, our first goose egg. Thank You very much Goosey or Goocie. The girls have a lovely hay box in their calf house in which I optimistically (and rather naively) thought they might make a nice nest and lay their eggs all clean and attractive looking. No such luck. Geese are, by their very nature, mucky beasts who have no respect for nice housing or bedding and tend to mess everything up by splashing their water about and poo-ing in their beds. I suppose it comes from normally 'roosting' in nature, out on the open water or in some muddy winter field where it didn't matter. So this lovely egg was dropped carelessly onto the wet poo-ey concrete of the calf house floor and needed a bit of a spruce up before I took its picture.

It weighs, we were interested to find, 110 g which is not quite twice what our chicken eggs weigh (around 64 g) so it's a bit big for the toast soldiers but would be great in omelette, or the Spanish Tortillas which we love and eat frequently here, and they are supposed to be excellent in cooking and baking. We also hear from Mentor Anne that there is a guy in town happy to sell any surplus we might produce through his little green-grocers.

Anyway, nice one girls (and the boy, I should add, who is marshalling and protecting them). We may reward them with a look at the orchard today; lots of lovely green Roscommon grass to eat and space to range in.

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Anne Wilson said...

Congratulations on your first goose egg, they are looking good, no more having to mow the grass for you now.