Monday 1 April 2013

John and Carol

Our visit yesterday from John and Carol went really well. They are lovely people, easy to talk to and fascinating to listen to and I think I can safely say we have made some good friends there, all be it we will not see them very often as they are based in Chippenham (Wiltshire in the UK). They had stayed overnight at their camp site in Cong, deciding not to move about too much due to the cold wind, but instead to base them selves at Cong and work outwards from there. They have quite a sophisticated set up, trailer tent, cooking facilities, sink with pumped water, warm and cosy etc, so much so that they declined our offer of a stay overnight. They had come from Cong (to our west) relying on sat nav which had somehow found them a route via Moyne village (east of us!). They had then driven past our door without knowing, and phoned us from Lisacul village, back west of us again.

We are similar age and interests so the chat ranged around over a big variety of subjects including 2CV escapades, the North of France and WW1 sites, the Normandy beaches and then on up into Yorkshire. Both of them hail from the lovely village of Slaithwaite which we know from narrow boating as the village where the canal runs up next to the high-street tarmac, between the house and shop fronts. See also my post on this blog from July 26th 2011 on . They grew up together there and met while working in one of the local factories. John has had a fascinating life having worked for a while in textiles including running an angora rabbit fur processing plant (!) as well as working for Intel, the computer chip makers) and spending some time in Co. Mayo, which is how come he is now bringing the Bath 2CV club 'raid' over this way.

They were intrigued by our own move, the house renovation and the small holding. They had a good look round the house and the garden. Liz's food was a great success; we had cheese, bacon and chilli biscuits as a snack, then an Easter inspired slow-roast lamb with plenty of veg (I did my roast potatoes) followed by a lovely chocolate mousse in which 'floated' mini chocolate eggs. They had arrived bearing gifts including a lovely yellow rose plant for Liz, and we sent them off with half a dozen of our lovely eggs. They were here from about half twelve till gone 6 and we enjoyed every minute. For entertainment, just in case they'd get bored, neighbour Una had a go at setting light to some trees so we raced round there at one stage to play fire-fighter. Never a dull moment.

Thank you for coming, John and Carol. We will see you again when the Raid happens (May/June) and I hope we can now be firm friends on into the future.

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