Friday 23 September 2016

An Embarrassment of Pig Nuts

The area is currently a vision in green and red - Mayo are
in the All Ireland (again); a replay on Saturday week.
For some reason I have gone, this week, from nearly running out of pig feed, to having an embarrassment of riches. We get 99% of our stock feed here from one particular supplier in a nearby town, mainly because through time we have been let down too many times by the local branches of a 'co-op' (no names, no pack drill). The latter are well known locally for running out of stock of vital lines (barley, pig feed, layers pellets etc). Even if you are trying to be loyal, this annoys you and sends to scurrying off to other 'shops' where, if you find satisfaction like we did, you tend to stay.

365  picture. 
It is all a big shock then when you let your own stock run down a bit, and you rock up at Mr Reliable Supplier to be told that, sorry, we just sold the last bag. Back to the co-op then, to be told that they no longer stock pig-feed because nobody ever wants it. You hold back from saying that nobody tries to buy it here because you never had it in stock! To cut a long story short I asked both if they could get me some in and both promised to. Mr RS even took a phone number to contact me on when it arrived. I gave my word to the Co-op guy that I would come back and buy his bag if he could, indeed, get it by next Wednesday. I would not leave him sitting on stock. Although it is a dry mix feed, it does have a limited shelf life.

The start of Autumn colour.
Then today as I was talking to Charlotte of the Mini Horses, she said that a branch of the co-op in another town "usually had it". So today I called by there and the guys had a bag, so I bought it. Within half an hour Mr RS had phoned me back to say that his lorry had just turned into the yard and he could see the pink pig-meal bags on the load. I now have 2 bags and next Wednesday, if Co-op guy #1 amazes me by producing the goods, I will be morally bound to buy the third. More pig food than I can use in the limited time these pigs have left. Ah well. Lesson learned; never "nearly run out" of pig food.

I use shredded paper from Liz's work as bedding when I can
get it. Yesterday's had an amazing array of bright coloured paper
in it. I hope the turkeys don't get disturbed, psychedelic dreams.
That Guinea Fowl was just having us on. After 2 nights roosting out elsewhere and me working out dates on the calendar for likely hatchings, she meekly returned to the fold with her husband and is now roosting back indoors. We may never know whether there were eggs or what happened.

New toys for Lizzie.
I will keep this one a bit short as the rest of the week was just the 'buildering' (we were back on the stone walling) and the usual round of shopping, taxi-ing and missions of mercy.

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