Friday, 23 January 2009

Let that be.....

...a lesson to all of you. You doggie readers... This is what happens to a dog if he doesn't heed the warnings to not nibble at his stitches after an operation to remove a small cyst (Rags followers will be pleased to know that the cyst was benign), and then tries to tear off his lampshade and rub his wound raw on the hard furnishings in the house.
Quite gruesome in the end, according to Diamond; the wound is in a fairly mobile flexible bit of the leg, so when he sat in one position the de-stitched wound would close up almost invisibly, but as he moved it would gape open revealing lots of red and pink biology that the non-medical eye should never see.
So now the "brave soldier" (we're sworn against saying "poor-poor-bunny") is reduced to a re-fitted, tight-to-the-collar lampshade, and a tee-shirt to stop him rubbing the re-stitched wound back open. Only for another week, though Rags - just think of the relief when the vet clears you for take-off and you can do away with all that paraphernalia and be free to have a damn good scratch.
For some un-accountable reason, I was the perfect patient when I had my spay, and never even so much as licked the wound or the stitches. Mum and Dad were supplied with a lamp shade for me but I never even tried it on. I know. Most unlike me to have a chance to smirk in a superior manner at old chum Rags. Even more unlike me not to capitalize; but the sight of the brave soldier charging round trying not to destroy the house with his lampshade even had me sympathetic.
The other pic is first flower from a recovering orchid in the stairwell. Over a year ago Dad was given an orchid in full flower and, as usually happens, the flowers eventually finished and all looked lost. But by careful nurture and husbandry, Dad eventually encouraged new shoots to appear and now... well look!