Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Thaw and some Fog

After a succession of icy days which kept the frozen snow on the ground, and made walking a bit interesting, today we have a bit of a thaw (3 degrees) which clears up the residual snow, but leaves the ground hard except for a greasy smear on the surface. That's my cue to race about and get muddy again, at least below the plimsoll line. Yes, ruined the new "hair-do", is what. I have managed to remain pristine white since Saturday, but you can safely say that is no longer the case.

Tonight, in the dusk on the Rec, there's a pea-souper fog, and I am frequently in trouble for exercising my voice at any figures and dogs looming out of the whiteness. One is really embarrassing - as I charge full tilt at a big shaggy Alsatian, only to find it's our good buddy Storm. Ooops.

Dad's come out in sympathy at our shorn bodies, and had his own hair cut, so now he knows how we feel in this weather, and has been seen wussing out in a hat. Welcome back Geordie roofers, back at work on the Home for the Bewildered out the back of here - they've been on hols for about 2 weeks all across the break. We've missed all the "Why aye, man!" stuff and the reggae music (one is a mad keen Bob Marley fan, and if he's not playing it on a ghetto-blaster, he's singing "a cappella"..... Noooo Woman, no Cry! etc)

Jammin' in the Name of the Lord

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