Sunday, 18 January 2009

New Steps

A beautiful sunny morning, but now after the thaw, very sloppy underfoot. We go for a gorgeous walk all round the Abbey Fields and behind the allotments. Sunny it may be, but still rather chilly in the wind, so why then does Megan still like wading in the puddles. When it's hot you can understand it, cooling off the dusty, foot-sore pads, but in January?
In the "No accounting for dogs" department, it's up there with "Why does Haggis take himself off upstairs to the humans' bed as soon as they sit down to eat, only trotting back down when he hears the meal ending noises - scrapes of chairs and crockery/cutlery?" No-one has ever told him to or even asked him to. The humans just got used to the start of each meal being synchronised with him disappearing, and a quick search would always find him up there, curled up.
As part of that walk, there was always a bit of fun at the end, negotiating the hazardous steps back up from where the monks' carp-ponds used to be, up to the allotments level. The steps were uneven, faced with mud, fronted with protruding wooden risers and "protected" with a very dodgy looking scaffolding-pole hand rail. The steps were all of different heights and of very different depths, and everyone was always amazed there were not more accidents.
Many people over many years complained to the Kent Rights of Way dept to try to get something done and finally, this Christmas, a size-able crew of guys showed up with machines, wood, concrete and a porta-loo (!) and a week later we have this magnificent, solid, even, safe flight, with treads of grooved, non-skid concrete and a nice wooden handrail either side......
And that's me at the top, checking them out

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