Friday, 25 November 2011

Toilets and toiletting

Last night all 5 dogs wind up in the dog house, as it were when we decide to have a pee and poo fest indoors at Silverwoods. It had been raining hard most of the afternoon and evening, so it is thought that the local dogs spent all that time in the kennel, rather than strolling round the yard and attending to doggie business. It is now the routine to let the three of them indoors after the 2 little ones are in bed.

This was 'interesting' at first because of the local three's loony excitement at being allowed in to see us and Dad plus, if you recall, them getting shampoo'd and rubbed dry and because I kept that anti-Rags thing going of growling and shouting from Dad's lap to repel boarders. That side of things has now calmed down a lot and after the first few minutes in all we dogs calm down. I stop shouting and change to following Lily round, trying to play with her and sniffing each others nethers. Coco tries to mount Lily from random directions and Max no longer tries to kill Coco due to having been threatened with the "Mop of Wrath" (Mrs S slapping mop on floor loudly near Max, which tends to stop him attacking Coco immediately!). A variation of this is the Broom of Doom,which is all getting a bit Terry Pratchett and "the folding o' the arms!"

But last night all the dogs came in from the rain and straight way felt, warm, relaxed and moving which must have brought on relaxation down below. The humans spent the next half hour discovering poos and pees with tissues and exasperated shouts "Oh No NOT AGAIN!" There was too much of it to have been just one or even two of the dogs involved - evidence pointed to all three. During the course of this a small hard present of mine was also discovered under one of the beds upstairs. 4 guilty parties and Haggis the only one not yet implicated. Dad joked that he'd wake up soon and feel all left out. "Heh Haggis! How about the hall or the back-room? They've not been anointed yet". Haggis straight away woke up, yawned, smelt the air and presumably thought. 'It must be OK to pee in here now, then', strolled over to the laundry crate and hiked a leg. "NOOOOO!!!! Haggis!" said Dad but Haggis either ignored it or was deaf to it and let go the sluice-gates. Cheers, H, now we're all in the dog house! Everyone's hoping for no repeat today, when there have been sunny intervals between the rain showers, so the outdoor dogs should come in 'prepared'.

While we're on toilets, Dad has been off today hunting for a chemical camping-toilet forr the caravan, but so far to no avail. No problem, the lady at the complete-caravans-only place in Newbridge told us of a place in Blessington, Co. Wicklow.


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cinquecento said...

Bloody hell. They're having incontinence pads when they live in the caravan.