Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Farewell to Haggis

Today we bring you the sad news that the old boy Haggis, has passed away, put to sleep by the vet, Aoife-Rhymes-with-Deefer. The old fella had become increasingly frail and confused as well as at times almost unable to walk. He was pretty much sleeping all day, getting up only to pee and, bless him had no accidents right up to the end. He had become very thin and gaunt and Mum and Dad decided that he was no longer enjoying life. He was 15 years and 9 months old, which is an excellent innings for a Westie and had enjoyed a full, very happy and healthy life.
He was around, of course, way before I was born and started this blog and even before Facebook started (Yes! Imagine that, you young readers - there used to be no facebook!). In those days he used to post his own stuff on various Yahoo Groups (not even sure if they still exist) and something called "Westie List" and then Westie-L. Some of his stuff is still 'out there' so I may copy some down to here for you or post links. Anyway, for now, just to let you know the story. I am sure many readers will want to remember him as we do, and will miss the old boy. Sleep now, H-Man. You were a very special dog; easily the nicest, calmest, best temperament dog anyone knew, faithful friend and companion to Mum, Dad and Megan, and then a bit of a Father figure and 'mentor' to Coco, Maxwell, Lily and even my good self. Rest in Peace, Haggis. Deefs

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Mr Silverwood said...

Will be sadly missed by Max and Lily, I think Lily had a real soft sopt for him.

Will be missed by all the Silverwoods