Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Haggis the Bard (1998)

As promised, a Haggis Poem, dredged up from Rootsweb in 1998

Subject: Haggis the Bard tries his hand at a pome
 Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 18:07:24 -0000

A poem to fill you with smiles
'bout the woods where we've just done 6 miles
Thru' the beech oak and larch
but it's muddy in March
..now there's muddy paw marks on the tiles

Hear the cry...."Now you're BLACK!" Mummy wails
From your chins to the tips of your tails!
She don't want no cuddles
We've been leppin' thru puddles
and our waggy-tailed schmoozin', it fails!

We're both kind of grubby dark brown
To within half a foot from the ground
I might be the wetter
But Megan's no better
So we're deep in the poo, I'll be bound!

Our "Sorry!" din't get very far
When I shook my mud off in the car
There's no call for laughin'
We're due for a bathin'
with some shampoo, would be about par!

So a wet and a towel-off delight
We'll look like drowned ratties all right
But it's worth all the soaking
We know Mummy's just joking
They'll love us again when we're white

Haggis-the-Bard (I could have won that "Scrufts" if I'd only stayed clean yesterday!) Home for the Bewildered

Gotta love the old boy!

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