Tuesday 19 August 2008

The Lady with the Lump

Noooo... not Florence Nightingale - I said "lump" not "lamp". This is, though, a tale of sickness and ministeringAngels of Mercy, plus maybe a Drama Queen as well.

The lump is mine. Half way along my spay scar Dad has noticed a small (thumb-nail sized) hard lump come up, and suspects it may be a hernia (rupture), maybe where the abdomen wall is not fully mended, so we're back off to the lovely Larissa, lady vet who did the original op.

Lady Vet is concerned too, but stands me on her table and pokes, prods, pulls and palpates the area. She is now relieved. It is "almost certainly not a hernia" she says, because it feels detached from the muscle wall, instead it is in the sub-cutaneous fat layer. Probably a hard bit of scar tissue, she says, as a reaction to one of the internal stitches.

She also says (probably too much information here) that when it is a hernia, you can generally slide your finger back up inside the hole.... Oy! That's my guts you're discussing, you humans. She shows Dad how to stand me up the right way so that whole area relaxes, and then feel the size of it, and that it's loose from the muscle wall. Keep an eye, she says, and check it twice a week, make sure it's not getting any bigger - it should fade away by itself.


Am I free to go, now Doc?


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Tim Hopper said...

Hi Deefer!

My 'old boy' the other day asked me to pass on his apologies to your 'Master' (Ha, ha!) for not being 'over-talkative' the last time he met him sitting 'under his tree' up at his allotment (I'm not sure why?) :)

Best Woofs,
Huggy born Shaggy.

PS. I've long-forgotten to be 'too' worried about all my 'lumps and bumps'. Lipomas (benign fatty growths) 'they' tell me - evidence of a pampered life I say!