Monday 18 August 2008

Time of Plenty

It's a time of plenty up at the allotment - Dad is happy to barrow home a great load of produce at the weekend. The barrow is big anyway, and the onions make up a low dome in it, with bags and bundles of beet, spring onions, broad beans, runners, chard leaves, courgettes and lettuce perched around and on top of that. The rake and spade are balanced precariously on top of those.

It's one of those times when Dad wishes that all the usual people would happen to be in the roads on the way home so they'd hail him and stop to chat, admiring the bounty. Inevitably , then, he doesn't meet a soul - they must all be indoors glued to the Olympics. Such is life! Never mind - the onions are now spread out all over the terrace table, and the greenhouse staging to ripen, so Mum's been able to admire them.


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