Wednesday 17 September 2008

Party Girl!

Happy Birthday to me! 2 years old today. "Birthday cake" as ever, is raw pork ribs, so here am I graciously and gently (yeah?) accepting one from Dad, and one of me doing it some serious damage in my (rather scuzzy) dogbed.

As well as rib(s) - I suspect there may have been 7 in the pack so that Megan, who eats faster than the other 2 of us, may have scored 3 while we only got 2 - I further suspect that these were pork even though Dad says that Mum, who is currently on Poros Island (Greece), sent them over and that they were Greek goat - we got one tin of good old Butchers Tripe to fill any gaps.

It was three very bloated doggies who tried to make it to the Rec for a walk, but, to be honest, none of us were really up for it. We had a half hearted run around with Gigot, Truffles and Storm, and the Ben, but if the truth were told we all just need a lie down, so we hope the TV's good tonight, so that Dad will collapse in the sofa. Then we can all lean on him and gonk out.

I got a birthday card, too, from Bro' Archie, real Mum (Mollie), real Dad (Hector) and the folks

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee.... and of course, litter-mates Bro' Archie and Sis' Ellie

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