Saturday 6 June 2009


There is a new kid on the block, but this time it's not a dog, but a car. Mum has bought a new "baby", a small Fiat which goes by the unlikely name of Timbuktu due to it's combination of registration letters. Pics soon, but for now it is being treated with great care and driven round to show it off to Diamond and the Angel B etc, and parked on the drive, with Dad's car evicted to the roadside.

Timbuktu is a very smart rosé-wine red the same colour as a previous Fiat (Cinquecento) Mum had. This one is a panda. We have not been allowed in it yet (Him? Her? - what's it gonna be , Mum. We're guessing "him" as it is called "Tim" but you can never tell).

We leave all this behind and head for the Forest. We park at the Jacket's Field entrance (it's the way we usually go in when we're looking for deer) and make a triangle of paths, which does about an hour - all Meggie's up for these days, as she starts to slow down. We don't see any deer.

A mob of long-tailed tits comes through the garden this afternoon.

Have a good weekend


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