Saturday 20 June 2009


Apologies, but it seemed like ages since I'd last posted and indeed it proved to be. First time I'd gone more than a week without getting the itch. It's been so busy round here, there's been little time for posting and , yikes, we've even missed a couple of walks where Dad was home so late.

I must introduce you, though, to a new chum, name of "Toad". He's a charcoal grey pug and a young chap. Suitable name, I guess, given his dark and not that handsome look, but he's game for a bit of charging about. At least we think he's a pug, we didn't ask. Dad was too busy teasing the young lady owner because we'd started out assuming from the red diamante studded harness and pink extending reel lead that he was a she.

"No need to ask whether this is a girl or a boy" says Dad, and then has to retreat in confusion. The owner , though is not offended and enjoys the joke hugely, carrying on the theme by saying that the lead is girlie pink because she is a girlie girl, and he (Toad) is a real Momma's boy.

Busy and about to get busier as Mum and Dad come into the judging season - both for Gardens-for-Wildlife (for Kent Wildlife Trust) and the "Sustainability" (nee "Environmental Action") category for the Calor Gas Village of the Year Competition. With lots of gardens and villages to do between now and mid July, there will be precious few free evenings or weekend days over the next few weeks.

Have a good weekend

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Mr Silverwood said...

Did wonder, there seemed to be no post's, was getting worried Deffer that your Mum and Dad had banned you from the PC.