Thursday 23 December 2010

Card of the Year?

It is very difficult to do justice to this card, which is easily our most spectacular Christmas Card of 2010. These are hand-made by Kim, friend of Diamond and they really are a bit special, featuring spangly card and paper of various colours in many layers, as well as assorted accessories like, in this case bells, snowflakes, ribbon and (although you can't see it in the flash-glare across the middle of the circle), the 'CHANEL' logo. They are often themed, so appear in various lady-like guises - handbags, scent bottles, shoes etc. Obviously they will not fit in a normal envelope so they arrive wrapped in equally splendid and elegant tissue paper wraps (with ribbons and accessories also). She must take ages over them, and Mum always looks forward to them. Mum has actually suggested that she and Diamond hang onto both them and the wrapping, so that when there is a Kim retrospective exhibition in some famous art gallery, these can go in it!
Meanwhile Mum, who likes the odd drop of camomile tea is rather ashamed tonight to be drinking a troublesome brand. Mum, staunch anti-Royalist and adherent to the fact that she is an Irish CITIZEN, not a 'subject' of anybody. The brand? Duchy Originals!!!! Bought by mistake in Waitrose where apparently almost the entire 'organic' range is now Duchy Originals, these are now stuffed in the back of the cupboard in an anonymous silver foil pack so that nobody will notice!
Ah well. Only 29 more sleeps to Christmas. Have you never noticed how often dogs sleep?

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