Thursday 16 December 2010

Correct Forecasting

It seems that the weather forecasters may have it right this time. We are currently sitting through the "rain and getting very much colder" piece, and leading inevitably, it seems, into the freezing hard and black ice which should be followed on Friday or Saturday by the heavy snow falls. Winter is back. Even though it's dark when he gets in from work though, Dad still insists on trotting us out for a splash through the cold puddles.

It's all OK for him, of course, Barbour coat, 'thinsulate' gloves and Donegal tweed (ancient and disreputable) flat cap, warm dry boots, but we come back with our under-carriages lathered in mud and wet, and have to stretch our in front of the fire to dry out. At least he's home tonight. Last 2 nights we've been deserted again. Tuesday was a meeting of the 2CV cronies for their Christmas Dinner over in the pub in Bramling. Wednesday Mum and Dad did a silly fun-quiz for the aul' wans of the town's Horticultural Society - just daft questions about Christmas and the words of Christmas songs, plus some about the town.

It always goes down well with the club members and is followed by a huge cold buffet (ahhh those cheese straws baked by the ol' ladies!) and the a sing-song of Christmas songs, which then infect Dad as 'ear-worms' for days afterwards. Sleigh bells ring..., are yer listn'ing? etc.

We're getting there

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Mr Silverwood said...

We are waiting for the snows to hit over here as well, the temp has dropped and the north got it bad last night, just have to sit and wait for the weekend it seems.... And I am supposed to be going upto Belfast on monday for a project close out meeting..... I have been told that if it snows I am not going anywhere, would not be good being stuck in Belfast in the week before Xmas