Monday 21 March 2011

Re-floating the Cambria

The Silverwoods make good their escape at the crack of sparrows' on Sunday morning. They may have sussed that they had outlived their welcome by allowing their rugby team to beat Dad's lot whilst still guests in our house. They text us to let us know they have reached first the port, and then home itself. Well done you guys, it was a real pleasure having you.

Life returns to normal and the house gets blitzed of all evidence - washing up, empties, laundry, sweeping up, spare bedding back in the loft etc. Mum dives back into the internet to catch up on all her subscriptions, Dad returns to the barge where last minute preparations for Monday's re-float are taking place, touching up the paintwork, fixing down the pretty green hatch covers, hanging bunting and hoisting flags etc.

And so, today, Dad gets a day off work to see the refloat and rather than tell you all about it here, let me point you in the direction of Dad's "Barge Blog" which is actually the 'Volunteer Views' tab on the website. (There's miles of it there!). We dogs got taken down to the grassy side of the Creek to watch all the action and to run around with Pete's dog Janie, plus a sheepdog, a brown lab and a shaggy springer. The sun shone, there was no wind and the tide came in and did its stuff lifting the barge hull off the lighter 'dry-dock'.

It's been a good day


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Mr Silverwood said...

I'm impressed, sorry I could not have been there to see it, but you never know we may get a chance to go in it at a later date, thanks for putting up with us, I know it can be a nightmare to have 6 people desend on you and disrupt you routines, but we all really enjoyed it, thanks