Wednesday 30 March 2011

Irish Rover

Today we pass a significant date in Project Erroll. If you've been keeping up there is a change to Dad's work situation which had a tentative date of 30th June, but because that was more than 3 months in the future, there was a risk, allegedly, that his employer could extend the time-scale without the need for Dad's agreement. This was a bit unsettling, so as we are now all up for the project around here, it's good to know that this can now only be taken away from us with Dad's say-so. Nuff said. Mind you, we do wonder whether he might be celebrating a bit quick with the pigs' ears he found for us in Morrison's tonight - look at the brand!

I have mentioned already that we got clipped to within an inch or our lives at the weekend. At this Spring clip, which coincides with the local birdies building nests, Mum and Dad like to leave the clippings out in case the birds want soft fur to line their nests with, in this case in an old onion-sets bag. You can see from the white fluffy appearance of the bag that the birds have started on this already, and have been pulling hanks of fur through the net, In Autumn, as Dad prunes and tidies, and clears out nest boxes, he reckons he can identify which dog's fur got used from a familiarity with the texture. The late Meggie's always a bit coarse, Haggis's felt-soft and very dense, mine soft and wispy and fly-away. Not a one of us have the "proper" show dog Westie double coat.

The other two pics are just the garden this Spring, the Magnolia Stellata out front and the primroses under the quince in the orchard garden

Look after yourself


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Mr Silverwood said...

I would say you Dad is now on the count down, project erroll here we come, I hope you are practicing your Irish bark, although I don't think Chance ever really lost that south east england bark to be honest.