Saturday 2 April 2011

Bucket and Chuck It

2 rather bizarre views of the famous Cambria barge today. In the first you are down in the aft cabin, the Skipper's stateroom looking upwards at the skylight. In the 2nd you are looking at the luxurious toiletry arrangements.

You are on the port (left) side right at the back, looking at the rear chamber of the wheelhouse, where a suspiciously small "room" is accessed through a door from the deck. This is actually the crew toilet (as was) and would have had a galvanised bucket and not much else. Nuff said. Nowadays, of course, for our more sensitive and prudish modern customers, we will have proper flush toilets below decks which meet all the current regs for passenger-carrying craft. It's almost a shame!

Dad has his 2CV back at last.. 2CV Llew finished the work this week and we collected the car Thursday, so it's back on the driveway. We had Llew round for steak and chips Friday and enjoyed the company of his elderly JR, "Rosie", the tea and beer loving Lady. Llew is currently in town cleaning up the bottom of his sailing boat. so Mum, Diamond and Dad drop past to heckle on their way to see the Cambria. Llew needs winding up occasionally.

A good walk today - we did the old "2 Bridges" loop, starting off across the Rec and then using the short bridge across to the 'upper church', then looping round via the A2 and the now-closed Windmill pub to return to the Rec along the 'long bridge'. I got to play chase the ball or to carry it all the way. Happy Days.

Have a good weekend


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Mr Silverwood said...

Hope you have been getting those paws busy making a mothers day card, I have had the girls doing one today over here.....