Saturday 16 April 2011

To be taken into consideration

Mum and Dad are impressed by how good we are after another noiseless night, this one with Haggis downstairs as well. Everybody gets a good night's sleep and the humans are even talking about enjoying the fact that they can lie straight in bed, not curving their spines into "S" bends to avoid small dog bodies scattered at random over the bed surface. On a lovely sunny day, we all head for Hastings and the Pud Lady's house in the 2CV with the roof rolled all the way back. I love it there as the garden is deliciously wild but I am a bit keen on diving through the badger holes under the fence and exploring further a-field and today I am 'busted', rounded up by neighbour Carol. It is alleged that I wandered around their garden for a while before wandering into their house and greeting Carol like a long lost chum. I was grabbed and bundled under arm back round to 'our' house. Luckily Carol takes it in good heart - she is a cat person really and is un-impressed by her cats being chased out of their own garden by furry white strangers. Does this constitute one of those "other offences" that criminals under sentence ask to be taken into consideration? Mum and Dad feed the Pud Lady and "T-fer" with a vegetarian mix of pasta parcels; mushroomy ones and a spinach and ricotta version. Pud Lady is impressed. T-fer seems less so, so maybe he doesn't like 'veggie' stuff and prefers his meat. Ah well Deefs

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Mr Silverwood said...

Deef's you are not winning friends and influencing people here, it makes it all the difficult for the campaign, you need to keep your nose clean and do your time, either that or we may need to bust you out