Friday 22 April 2011

Kicking Off out the back

You couldn't really ask for a hotter, more blue-skies Good Friday than we are enjoying today. There's not a breath of wind and it's hot, hot hot. We went for our walk good and early, while the dew was still on the fields and the mist had not yet burned off, and it seemed that many other dog-walkers had the same idea.

The humans are a little fragile after slightly over-doing the red wine, and sneaking a few brandies and calva's down too, sitting out on the terrace in the still evening listening to music and planning for Erroll while we dogs mooched about sniffing at night scents and investigating night noises.

Today has been a day for a little light gardening, tidying and de-cluttering, moving compost about and planting some bits and pieces from Diamond's John and some begonias Mum had bought. It was too hot for such things, though, by about 11, so we have all retreated to the shade for a 'quiet' rest.

No such luck - the Home for the Bewildered out back, normally so quiet you'd think there were no residents (We all started to believe the rumour in the local papers that it is struggling financially and about to be closed down) are having a birthday party for someone called John. (Happy Birthday John!) Oh yes! It's all kicking off. There is bunting out and a small bevvy of the old dears sitting around in sun hats while possibly the worst female singer in Faversham (and a not-so-bad bloke) murder covers of My Love Will Go On, The Wonder of You, Oh Carol, Sweet Caroline, etc. These "songs" are intercut with good ol' London knees-up material like My Old Man said Follow the Van, Daisy Daisy, and Blowin' Bubbles.

Mum questions whether it's OK to sing "I'm half Crazy" to a bunch of people with Alzheimer's but she gets admonished for being 'evil' by a friend on Twitter (LOL). Ah well. God luv'em, the old dears. We'll all be old and silly one day, God Willing.

Keep On Enjoying Easter


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Mr Silverwood said...

Read your mum's tweets and it made me smile, unfortunately I have to work today as it's not a bank holiday over here, not only that but all the pubs and off licences are all closed, no alchol can be sold today.