Wednesday 13 April 2011

Legal Representation

(Deefer's Legal Representative writes) This office regrets that our small white furry client is currently unable to post in this diary as she is allowed only one phone call, and no access to the internet. It is alleged that she did, on Tuesday April 12th, completely unprovoked and for no discernible reason, top all past crimes and was guilty of being "Bang out of Order" as defined in Sect 4, Para 12, sup-para 3 of the Canine Outrageousness Bill (2011). To whit she did wait till all 'the pack' were a-bed and bordering on sleep before climbing on top of the small mound of duvet known as 'where Mum sleeps' before peeing, yay, down through the clean-on duvet cover, the duvet and the brand new designer PJs onto the 'I-was-only-just-starting-to-feel-warm' bum-cheek of the aforesaid human female. Our client is therefore grounded pending investigation and charging until future reference. She has been banned from the upstairs areas of the house and will be sleeping in the kitchen until the humans are convinced that she has mended her ways. This office will keep interested parties and stake holders abreast of developments. Legal Beagle

1 comment:

Mr Silverwood said...

It's OK Deef's I shall start the 'FREE THE FAVERSHAM ONE' campaign for you....... although I may struggle to get names on the petition, but you never know you may get a lenient judge!