Wednesday 20 April 2011

Suits Me.

There is a story going around that "prison suits me". That I'm a much calmer person for the change to downstairs sleeping, away from the humans. Not so neurotic, feisty, clingy, easier to live with. Either way it looks like the new regimen is here to stay, if only because the humans are getting quieter, more restful nights sleeps (also free of unwelcome warm wet enhancements, if you'll pardon the expression).

Some nice calm pics then, of the garden in Spring, some cherry blossom (we have a "Black Glory" variety tree), silver birch catkins and a shot up the garden from the woodlandy bit. The soft green looking, low-growing herb centre-bottom of the picture is sweet woodruff.

As if Cambria wasn't enough, Dad got involved in the rescue of another old decrepit sailing barge yesterday afternoon, the SB Westmoreland but, again, I'd refer you to the Cambria Trust website and the 'Volunteer's Views' tab which Dad writes.

Project Erroll meanwhile, expands out into some tentative internet house-hunting, first in Co. Laois and in Co. Offaly (we now know places we'd not even heard of a week ago - Rhode, Birr, Moneygall, Ferbane and the Slieve Bloom Mountains) plus, lately into Co. Longford but that might be a bit too far away from the Silverwoods current haunts. The gang are also toying with the idea of a yurt for the 'garden'.

Look after yourself


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Mr Silverwood said...

Slieve bloom mountains is really nice and a place we were also looking at, you would love it up there Deefs, loads of forrests and stuff. Moneygall is in a flap at the moment as it is where some of Obamas ancestors are from and he is due to visit just before the queen comes over here, Birr isn't too bad either, happy hunting