Thursday 29 September 2011

BGL minus 16 hours

As I write this we are at BGL minus 16 hours with just two more sessions of packing a preparing before "off went the van with me 'ome packed in it". One is tonight, the other an early blast tomorrow morning mainly pulling the gardenny and big stuff (ladders etc) up from the shed. We are almost there. We then have to live in a rather minimalist way till we move out all together by lunchtime Monday, no longer owning a house in this lovely road after 18 years. It's all rather sad really.

After Dad's efforts today the place looks more like a bomb has hit it than a house in a fit state to leave to the new purchaser. The fridge is away from the wall and stands open, defrosted and airing. The washing machine has been pulled out and disconnected having performed its final Faversham transaction. At least we're moving out with all the stuff clean (if not ironned) rather than carrier bacgs of minging shirts and jocks. The selected stuff from the loft is all boxed up and Dad started on the clothes, packing his supply into 2 suit cases. A million framed family pictures (including dogs) which used to grace the hall in an esoteric random assemblage are crated with alternating layers of towel to keep them safe and there is even a box of coat hangers on the stack. Christmas has also been stashed in one of the 'Tea Chest' boxes.

At risk of making anyone feel queazy just when they are about to eat their tea, Dad supplies this picture of my grot-filled ear, which is now being treated by daily applications of the anti-fungal and anti-yeast ear drops preparation, Virbac Easotic. This is gloopy and white and has to be eased, melted and squidged down my ear canal. Unfortunately, having done its thing, the carrier oil stays 'wet and can be rubbed, squidged, shaken and eased back out again over the following hours and gets in the 'white' furry fringe of fur round my ears (and then, as is the way of things, around my face and down my neck and back) giving me a very fetching 'grubby urchin who never washes her hair' look. Once the course of drops is over, I am in for the shampooing of my life.

(Semi-) Momentous day tomorrow


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Mr Silverwood said...

It's all going to be rather sad that we are not going to see or stay at your old house again deefs